Please use setting tool to turn on the Mod for the first time!

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Quenching Mod is non-profit, open source program intend to

enhance the graphics of warcraft3 reforged

and create ultimate Demo exprience

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Due to the intense development of this mod

we will try to keep an two-week update

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Thanks for your continued attention to our work !

*This program comply with GPL license, by proceeding, you consent the agreement.*

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We are a small team

Like to dig in old-fashion work

We have three members now

Jixed, Zorrot, Keno

Quick download

v1.11 Setup Files

Classic Mod (Third Party)

War3 Rebrith

Latest Update - 2020/08/15

We will put bug fix patch here.

If the mod disabled in 1.32.8, try to run the fix tool.

If you meet any "can't open" problem, try to download .net 4.7.2.

If you encountered "w3champion cant work" problem, re-installed w3champion will fix

If you meet any ui blackbar problem, unzip fix package in warcraft3/retail

Regedit Fix Blzcon UI Fix Quenching UI Fix
2020 / 08 / 15
Quenching v1.11 - Beta Test

We are going to test a self-update client here.

The client QuenchingModEN.exe will detect your mod and automaticly download from Github.

It may contain problems so contact us with



- Fixed some client buttons doesn't work correctly

- Add animation for new trees

- Add unit warband skin [honor of horde]

- Now you can control adjustment setting seperately

- Fixed some graphic issue based on feedback

Client Complete package
2020 / 07 / 20 - v 1.1
New Chapter Update

We made a major change to the MOD, and adding most popular features for community

after a long wait, we create this patch with the features trending in community.
Mainly about campaign, lighting and skin
The bug is inevitable with such a major change, if you find one please tell us

New Client

The client is easier to use and more Functional
We have skin, achievement, key, camera, skin and even more system

New graphic

We change global lighting for more detailed shadow
now the shadow quantity is more approach to mainstream engine
And if you don't like it, it's still optional


We remake 3 Chapters of prologue.
No more than cinema, but new level design and unique achievement system


We will have a rest after this patch
Parts of the future is up to your advises.

Google Drive
2020 / 06 / 09 - v 1.05
V1.05 update : GamePad

This version is focused on comprehensive gameplay exprience. And we fixed some issue happened with official update.


This version is focused on comprehensive gameplay exprience. Also, due to the official update, re-download is necessary. We would like to thank ladik, We used casclib to greatly reduce installation package size, however, you may take a little bit longer time to start mod.

Due to work and financial pressure, we will keep our two-week update, and bug fix based on feedback.

Flexible Graphic Options

Based on feedback, we provide more flexible options including hero replacement, new portrait and more.


We made new water combines refraction and distortion effect for you to choose.


Blzcon and Quenching UI have been improved based on feedback. New UI is available in classic mode independently.

Functional setting

We added some useful function like Hotkey, camera, Gamma in setting tool. The camera adjustments is limited to avoid desync.

New portrait

We made portrait files in Blizcon style apply to most of melee unit. This function is exprimental and you can switch it freely.

To be continue...

download here Update Fix Tool For v1.04
2020 / 5 / 26 - v 1.04
V1.04 update : the Baptism Important!

This version is focused on enhancing the melee map experience and stability of the mod - due to the major change of the mod, you may need to redownload setup file


From the developers: As we encountered finical and sleep issues, we might not work full-time for this mod. However, we are trying to keep our two-week update, bug fix based on feedback. Still, we will explore the graphic possibility and enhance our mod. Although its pretty hard to move forward, we are very glad to see many w3ers are enjoying this mod. There are still many more to expect, cheers!

Reset the folder structure of our mod

We received a lot of feedback about the mod tool. To make it easier to manage, we rebuild the folder structure of the mod. Now, every file will appear in a specific game folder. It can be easily reset to default if any bug is detected.

Unit models

We have adjusted many textures for units. We received a lot of feedback, one of the major problems with units the readability. We did many adjustments based on a little survey, we will do more and make sure it’s in the right direction. We have changed the model of blademaster and Paladin in the melee game at the same time. Hope you like it.

Quenching UI

Many players asked for a new UI, but the blizcon UI is too small . We redesigned a new UI based on some common GUI methods. high Readability, more game space and easy to use.

Terrain art

We reworked many textures for our terrain, including blight texture for undead race. To make the terrain appears to be smoother, we added alpha blend for some of the terrain textures. We also provided three different light patterns, you can chose your favorite light in our tool.

Blizcon portrait

We are exploring more possibilities for our mod. In this patch ,we changed some unit portrait to the blizzcon version. It can not be exactly the same due to many technical reasons, but we are trying to do more. Here is a list of adjusted units:
Tauren chieftain
Moon priestess
Skeleton fighter
Dread lord
Tell us if you have any thoughts about those new portraits.

To be continue...

download here No Fix Now
2020 / 5 / 18 - v 1.03
Regular patch

We fixed some graphic bug and sis slightly change on trees


download here
2020 / 5 / 12 - v 1.03
new UI online and classic mode outdated


2020 / 5 / 5 - v 1.02
Quenching officially release outdated

After a long challenging testing and exploration, we finally bring this mod to everyone.